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Publication: Gazette June 7, 2006 (extra No.129)
Translated: 2011

法令のあらまし / Outline of Acts

The Act for Partial Revision of The Consumer Contract Act (Act No. 56) (the Cabinet Office)
1 目的
1 Purpose
It is provided that a right of qualified consumer organizations to demand an injunction against business operators to prevent the occurrence of or the spreading of damage to other consumers shall be added to the purpose of this act. (The point of Article 1)
2 差止請求権 
2 Right of an Injunction Demand
(一) 適格消費者団体は、事業者等が、消費者契約の締結について勧誘をするに際し、(1)不特定かつ多数の消費者に対して第四条第一項から第三項までに規定する不当勧誘行為を現に行い又は行うおそれがあるときは、その事業者等に対し、(2)事業者又はその代理人が、消費者契約を締結するに際し、不特定かつ多数の消費者との間で第八条から第一〇条までに規定する消費者契約の不当契約条項を含む消費者契約の申込み又はその承諾の意思表示を現に行い又は行うおそれがあるときは、その事業者又はその代理人に対し、当該行為の停止若しくは予防又は当該行為の停止若しくは予防に必要な措置をとることを請求することができることとした。(第一二条第一項~第四項関係)
(i) (1) Where a business operator conducts or is likely to conduct unfair solicitation acts prescribed in the provisions of Article 4 paragraphs 1 - 3 to many unspecified consumers, in soliciting execution of a consumer contract; and (2) where a business operator or an agent of a business operator enters into consumer contract and a business operator manifests or is likely to manifest the intension to offer or accept such contracts which include the unfair provisions referred to in Articles 8 - 10 with many unspecified consumers, qualified consumer organizations may demand to stop or prevent such acts or other necessary measures to stop or prevent such acts against such business operators in case of (1), and such business operators or their agent in case of (2). (The point of Article 12 paragraphs 1 - 4)
(二) (一)による差止請求は、次に掲げる場合には、することができないこととした。(第一二条第五項関係)
(ii) Injunction demands prescribed in (i) cannot be made in the following cases: (The point of Article 12 Paragraph 5)
(1) 当該適格消費者団体若しくは第三者の不正な利益を図り又は当該事業者等に損害を加えることを目的とする場合
(1) Where an injunction demand is intended to gain unjustifiable profit for the qualified consumer organization or third party, or to cause damage to the business operator; or
(2) 他の適格消費者団体を当事者とする差止請求に係る訴訟等につき既に確定判決等(訴えを却下した確定判決等を除く。)が存する場合において、請求の内容及び相手方である事業者等が同一である場合
(2) Where a final and binding judgment (excluding a final and binding judgment that dismissed the lawsuit without prejudice) has been given against the other qualified consumer organizations in connection with the injunction demand and where the contents of the demand and the business operator, being the opposite party of the demand are the same with those of lawsuits.
(三) (二)の(2)の規定は、当該確定判決に係る訴訟の口頭弁論の終結後等に生じた事由に基づいて(二)の(2)に掲げる場合の当該差止請求をすることを妨げないこととした。(第一二条第六項関係)
(iii) The provision described in (2) of (ii) will not preclude an injunction demand provided in (2) of (ii) for reasons arising after conclusion of the oral argument of the lawsuit related to the final and binding judgment. (The point of Article 12 Paragraph 6)
3 適格消費者団体
3 Qualified Consumer Organization
(一) 適格消費者団体の認定等
(i) Certification of Qualified Consumer Organizations
(1) 差止請求関係業務を行おうとする者は、内閣総理大臣の認定を受けなければならないこととし、内閣総理大臣は、その申請をした者が特定非営利活動法人又は公益法人であること等の要件のすべてに適合しているときに限り、その認定をすることができることとした。(第一三条第一項〜第三項関係)
(1) A person who intends to provide services involved in an injunction demand must be certified by the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister may grant the certification when the person complies with all such requirements as that the person is a specified non-profit juridical person or a public interest corporation. (The point of Article 13 Paragraphs 1 - 3)
(2) 所定の欠格事由に該当する者は、(1)の認定を受けることができないこととした。(第一三条第五項関係)
(2) A person who falls under any of prescribed reasons for disqualification cannot be certified under (1). (The point of Article 13 Paragraph 5)
(3) (1)の申請は、申請書を添付書類とともに内閣総理大臣に提出してしなければならないこととし、内閣総理大臣は、所定の書類を公衆の縦覧に供しなければならないこととしたほか、(1)の認定をしたときは、所定の事項を公示すること等とした。(第一四条〜第一六条関係)
(3) The application under (i) must be filed by submitting an application form with attached documents to the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister must make the documents available for public inspection and publicly notify the designated matters when the Minister granted the certification under (i). (The point of Articles 14 – 16)
(4) (1)の認定の有効期間は、当該認定の日から起算して三年とし、その満了後引き続き差止請求関係業務を行おうとする適格消費者団体は、その有効期間の更新を受けなければならないこととした。(第一七条関係)
(4) The validity period of certification under (1) is three years from the date of certification and any qualified consumer organizations that intend to continue services involved in demand of an injunction after the expiration of the validity in the preceding paragraph, must apply for a renewal. (The point of Article 17)
(二) 差止請求関係業務等
(ii) Services Involved in an Injunction Demand
(1) 適格消費者団体は、不特定かつ多数の消費者の利益のために、差止請求権を適切に行使しなければならず、それを濫用してはならないこと等とした。(第二三条関係)
(1) Qualified consumer organizations must exercise the right of an injunction demand properly for the interests of many unspecified consumers and must not abuse the right. (The point of Article 23)
(2) 適格消費者団体による消費者の被害に関する情報の取扱い、適格消費者団体の役職員等に係る秘密保持義務、及び適格消費者団体の差止請求関係業務に従事する者の氏名等の明示について所要の規定を整備することとした。(第二四条〜第二六条関係)
(2) This Act provides necessary provisions concerning the obligation in the case where qualified consumer organizations use information on damages suffered by a consumer; the confidentiality obligation of officers and employees of qualified consumer organizations; and the obligation to indicate clearly the name of any person who is engaged in services involved in an injunction demand. (The point of Articles 24 - 26)
(3) 適格消費者団体は、消費者に対し、差止請求に係る判決その他必要な情報を提供するよう努めなければならないこととした。(第二七条関係)
(3) Qualified consumer organizations must endeavor to inform consumers of the contents of judgment concerning an injunction demand and other necessary information. (The point of Article 27)
(4) 適格消費者団体は、訴訟費用、間接強制金等の財産上の利益を受ける場合を除き、その差止請求に係る相手方から、その差止請求権の行使に関し、寄附金、賛助金その他名目のいかんを問わず、金銭その他の財産上の利益を受けてはならないこと等とした。(第二八条関係)
(4) Qualified consumer organizations must not receive any monetary or property benefits in exercising the right of an injunction demand under any name whatsoever be it (whether it be) a donation or grant, from the opposite party on involved in that an injunction demand, except for cases where the organizations receive property benefits as court costs or money for indirect compulsion. (The point of Article 28)
(5) 適格消費者団体は、その行う差止請求関係業務に支障がない限り、差止請求関係業務以外の業務を行うことができることとし、所要の区分経理を行わなければならないこととした。(第二九条関係)
(5) Qualified consumer organizations may conduct any business other than services involved in an injunction demand to the extent that such other business does not adversely affect the services involved in an injunction demand and the organizations must carry out necessary separate accounting. (The point of Article 29)
(三) 監督
(iii) Supervision
(1) 適格消費者団体は、その業務及び経理に関する帳簿書類を作成し、これを保存しなければならないこととした。(第三〇条関係)
(1) Qualified consumer organizations shall prepare and keep books and records related to its services and accounting. (The point of Article 30)
(2) 適格消費者団体は、毎事業年度終了後三月以内に、その事業年度の財務諸表等を作成しなければならないこと等とした。(第三一条関係)
(2) Qualified consumer organizations shall prepare financial statements within three months from the last day of every business year. (The point of Article 31)
(3) 内閣総理大臣は、適格消費者団体に対し、報告徴収及び立入検査、適合命令、改善命令等の必要な監督上の措置を講ずることができることとした。(第三二条及び第三三条関係)
(3) The Prime Minister can take the necessary measures such as order of reports and on-site inspection, order for conformity and order for improvement to qualified consumer organizations as a supervision. (The point of Articles 32 and 33)
(4) 内閣総理大臣は、適格消費者団体について、所定の事由があるときは、(一)の(1)の認定を取り消すことができること等とした。(第三四条関係)
(4) The Prime Minister can rescind certification of a qualified consumer organization prescribed in (1) of (i) for any of the prescrived grounds. (The point of Article 34)
(5) 適格消費者団体に係る差止請求権の承継について所要の規定を整備することとした。(第三五条関係)
(5) Required rules for succession of the right of an injunction demand pertaining to qualified consumer organizations shall be established. (The point of Article 35)
(四) 補則
(iv) Auxiliary Provisions
Qualified consumer organizations must not utilize itself for the benefits of political parties or for political purposes. (The point of Article 36)
4 訴訟手続等の特例
4 Special Provisions of Court Proceedings
As special provisions of court proceedings, the government shall establish necessary regulations concerning prior written demand, value of the object of lawsuit, jurisdiction, transfer, consolidation of oral arguments, suspension of the court proceedings, and calculation of amount of money for indirect compulsion. (The point of Articles 41 - 47)
5 この法律は、公布の日から起算して一年を経過した日から施行することとした。
5 This Act shall come into force as of the day on which one year has elapsed since the day of its promulgation.