Legal information can be said to be basic information for understanding various societies.
The ideal is to be able to quickly access the necessary information when necessary.
This site aims to be a site where you can quickly reach high value added legal information.

High value added

By adding a wealth of commentary that assists understanding of laws and regulations to the released legal information,
we provide legal information with high value added.
Knowing additional information related to laws and regulations deepens one’s understanding of society and culture.

Excellent searchability

By conducting research and development on interface improvement and search technology
at the same time as strengthening legal databases,
we can create an environment in which the required legal information can be speedily accessed.

Colorful international legal information

We database not only Japan’s laws and regulations but also their English translations and multi-language translations and establish functions with which they can be downloaded.
Also, we publicize information as necessary on research and development projects underway.