Japan Legal Information Institute  Organizational summary
With an eye on the translation project of Japan’s laws and regulations conducted by the government (Ministry of Justice), we release laws and regulations, their translations into foreign languages, and related research results to the entire world. We comprise a Service Division that manages and processes legal data held by the government and provides it as information to users and Research and Development Divisions that develop legal databases, translation technology, and translation dictionaries together with other countries as well.
Organizational summary

Legal Information Service Division

This division prepares translated laws and regulations linked to Japanese laws and regulations, databases them, and releases them to the entire world. In addition to handling inquiries from users, this division aggressively provides communication with users to break down walls separating them from legal information by. holding database usage seminars and in other ways.

Information Science Research Division

This division conducts research and development for raising the convenience when accessing legal information, for example by improving legal databases and user interfaces, and develops tools for supporting translation work. By mutually publishing and sharing the research results on legal data management systems etc. with equivalent organs of various foreign countries and to promote tie-ups and cooperation with them.

Legal Research Division

This division’s operations include the structural analysis of legal sentences and the development of translation technology premising multilingualization of Japanese laws and regulations, as well as the compilation of multilingual translation dictionaries. Also, this division conducts research and development for sharing legal information internationally, including the development of mechanisms for comparative law where the similar laws and regulations from multiple countries are rapidly collected and compared.